Entertainment | Lisa Faye - International Composer, Vocalist, Singer and Performer


Lisa Faye can provide various entertainment solutions for any occasion, venue or event.  Use the links below to see more details or contact Lisa Faye and let her put together a bespoke entertainment package just for you!

Concerts - Streisand’,  ’Diva’s’, ‘Musical’s’ – see where Lisa Faye is next performing.

Dinner With A Diva - First class bespoke cabarets on a theme of your choice!

Wedding Entertainment Solutions - A professional wedding singer for your very special day!

Charities - After dinner cabarets, hosting auctions or providing an environment where you can celebrate all your money raising efforts with Lisa Faye’s ‘Live Disco’ show

Live Disco - Lisa Faye’s visit to the dance floor of the last 5 decades, singing some of the best dance floor fillers. Coupled with her 5678 Disco, this is your ultimate party!

Dinner Dance - Couple a first class cabaret with Lisa Faye’s very own ‘Live Disco’ Show and  5678 Disco.

5678 Disco - Lisa Faye’s very own disco playing the music you want at the volume you want.